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    Server Management

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Server management

Reliability and stability of the server, and thus the resources located on it, is largely dependent on the initial system setup, configuration of software components and services, timely service in the process, a rapid response to emerging issues.

Services for server administration, we provide customers with a hosting company as SimplyWAY, and customers of other hosting companies if they need it.

System administration services include:

  • Software install and configure
  • Software upgrades and patching
  • Server support Linux (freebsd / slackware / ubuntu / debian / centos / RH) based panels cPanel, Plesk, ISPmanager, or any other panel).
  • Support and organization of VPS servers based on OpenVz/XEN/virtuozzo/vmware/hyper-V.
  • Disaster recovery system software after failures
  • Solution of emergency situations
  • Fault diagnosis
  • Detection of attempted attacks and DDoS protection
  • Setting up and maintaining network security, as well as anti-virus protection of servers
  • Setting permissions to server resources
  • High-quality monitoring networks, servers.
  • Organization of stable BackUp systems.

Prices for server administration established on the basis of $ 15 per hour worked. For more information you can ask a question in Control Panel or send e-mail to the mailing address  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Administration price (installation and configuration)

Installing FreeBSD / Linux with remote access via ssh $40
Web server (ftp / apache / php / mysql latest versions) $30
Simple mail server (SMTP / POP3) $10
Multidomain mail system with web-mail $40
Configure AntiDDoS firewall $20
Proxies and NAT $20
File server (ftp, samba, NFS) $10
Antivirus $10
Monitoring system (nagios, cacti, munin, monit) $80
Statistics of traffic consumption (netflow) $100


Subscriber administration

Support 15 hours / month. + 50GB for backups (24h monitoring of servers)


Support 30 hours / month. + 100GB for backups (24h monitoring of servers)


1 hour of System Administrator


* We have the opportunity to sign the agreement and clearing.

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