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  • DDoS protection

    DDoS protection

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DDoS protection

DDoS Protection

We are pleased to offer our updates to filter traffic from DDoS attacks. This powerful equipment that can cope with the most various types of DDoS attacks. Traffic filtering, we offer customers on our VPS, and the user who postedelsewhere Data Centers. The main condition is that the attackers would not know real server IP. Remote protection of proxies filters the traffic from various DDoS attacks, as well as SYN Flood on all ports: Http, Https, TCP, UDPwith enabled SSL Certificates.

Proxy traffic - is to filter all requests before they get on your server, using equipment which is available in differentdata centers around the world.

Our equipment can handle the following types of attacks:

  • TCP SYN Flood
  • Varied TCP and UDP Layer Flood
  • Clogging the channel HTTP requests and DNS queries
  • Saturation and Bad Packet Attacks

Moreover, we propose filtering programs that use TCP Protocol. (SMTP, Minecraft, IRC, Java sockets)

For individual game servers we offer the use of GRE / IPIP tunnels.

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